Yummy Chocolate & Walnut Brownies

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Delicious walnuts and rich Belgian dark chocolate combine to create a yummy moist gooey brownie, perfect with strawberries and cream or as a treat on their own.

750ml glass bottle

605g contents

Makes approx 16 slices

Instructions are included on the bottle, for a more detailed walkthrough click HERE

Requires: 40ml Vegetable Oil, 140g Sotftend Unsalted Butter & 4 Large Eggs

Note: Layers may settle in the post. As we strive to use quality ingredients and pack these in to the bottles so you get the best value, you may need to shake the bottles firmly to empty the contents out.

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Home baking has always been a passion of mine and in recent years has once again become a true British institution! Despite this, as a nation, our time is more precious than ever, whether we are working or spending time with family.

The Bottled Baking Co. started as an idea where you could enjoy baking your favourite recipes, while saving you time and avoiding the hassle of weighing out all of your ingredients and following complicated methods. Having tried out our cake mixes with my little one, it really showed you can still enjoy baking with the family, with ease and still get the kids involved.

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