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Our murder mystery dinner party boxed sets are the perfect addition to any dinner party.  Providing murder and intrigue over a three course meal and a whole evening of fun.
They make great gifts and play to everyone’s inner sleuth.  

Each box comes with:
• Full instructions
• Recipe suggestions and ideas for making the most of your theme
• Invitations
• Envelopes
• Character booklets
• CD and script for the inspector – which means you can invite an extra person if you chose and play the inspector as host. (giving you an odd numbered party)
• Name labels for each guest
• The games are packaged in an evidence box for extra effect!

The Setting:

Every year in the small country village of Mid-Trimming the residents come together to sing carols through the village streets. At the end of their night of wassailing, tradition dictates that they all gather somewhere for a final Christmas party before the big day itself.

This year the carol singers descended on Mid-Trimming Manor, owned by the wealthy miser, Bob Scratchitt. Everyone was surprised when he agreed to play host, but they were even more amazed when he was discovered dead in his own lounge!

So much for being a season of goodwill and glad tidings; this Christmas it looks as though someone had some very ill will indeed! The question is: who?

Characters in the 6 player game:

Carole Singer - Retired Headmistress
Bookish, with half moon specs and drab clothing, Carole Singer has a stern countenance and perfect pitch.
Jacques Frost - Butcher
Straight from work, still in his blue striped apron or white coat, Jacques is burly, cheery and friendly and throws himself into any party.
Holly Reath - Postmistress
Decked out in festive colours and Santa hat, Holly is not as prickly a character as you might expect, though she does love to poke her nose in where she isn’t wanted.
Declan Halls - Baker
A friend to all, Declan finished work early this afternoon and has come in his winter woollies prepared to eat, drink and be merry.
Gaye Buntin - Newspaper shop owner
Fond of bling and bright colours, Gaye just loves Christmas and really gets into the festive spirit with flashing earrings and reindeer antler headgear.
Chris Tingle - Grocer
Always armed with seasonal fruit as gifts, Chris Tingle is fond of Arran sweaters.

Additional characters in the 8 player game:

Silvia Bells - Chair of the local Amateur Dramatics Society
Larger than life and twice as glittery, Silvia is a thwarted actress, with class, darlings.
Noel Nowell - Scout leader
Dressed in khaki, with neckerchief and woggle, Noel takes his scout leadership very, very seriously and is never off duty.

Additional characters in the 10 player game:

Missie Le’Toe - Clothing retailer.
Specialising in fashion from Europe, Missie Le’Toe has cultivated a French accent and is always dressed flamboyantly.
Scott Spine - Policeman
Just off duty, Scott is still wearing dark blue trousers and white shirt, however after a day roaming the village he is more than ready for a drink and is already quite merry.

Additional characters in the 12 player game:

Angela Onnatree - Riding School Owner
Never seen out of her beige jodhpurs, Angela has a distinctly upper-class accent, but is actually really down to earth.
Ivor Cracker - Landlord of the local pub.
In shirt sleeves and dark trousers with a tea-towel still hanging out his back pocket, Ivor has just finished a shift at his local to join the wassailing.

This game is rated Teen

This game contains:

Content that may be suitable for persons ages 13 and older.
A murder - violence suggested.
Alcohol Reference - Reference to and/or images of alcoholic beverages.
Comic Mischief - Depictions or dialogue involving slapstick or suggestive humor.
Suggestive Themes - Mild provocative references or materials and sexual innuendo. Acting as if attracted to particular characters is suggested in the character backgrounds.

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