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Mysteries in Time is an exciting subscription box bringing history to life for 7-11 year olds. Your child will receive a time machine postal box packed with fun activities, all linked to Ancient Egypt. This has been developed by a primary school teacher with a passion for history.

Through a combination of fiction, non-fiction, craft and fun puzzles, children will gain a solid understanding of Ancient Egypt, while being inspired to love history!

What can your child look forward to? There is an adventure story that follows the two characters, Max and Katie, as they travel back in time to Ancient Egypt to solve a mystery. In the story, Max and Katie also receive a time machine through the post, so readers can feel like they are part of the adventure! In the story, Max and Katie encounter mummies, pyramids, hieroglyphs, pharaohs and more!

Included in the box:

• The Max & Katie story book
• A history booklet (the non-fiction part to complement the fictional Max & Katie story)
• Bookmark
• A timeline sticker
• A quiz and puzzles
• 3 Colouring-in sheets & mini-colouring pencils
• A craft with all materials included (make a clay amulet)
• Sticker sheet
• A collectible
• And this all arrives in a personalised postal box designed to look like a time machine!

You also receive a free world map with a timeline. Your child can add their timeline sticker to build up their chronological understanding.

By puchasing this on SBS you will receive the first box to Ancient Egypt.

Visit too find out more and sign up for a monthly subscription.

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Mysteries in Time was devised by a primary school teacher as a fun way to engage children in learning about the past.
While Mysteries in Time can be used to support or complement the curriculum, it does not exclusively follow it. We believe in a broad educational experience and are happy to be free from the constraints of the curriculum; we will choose our historical topics based on how interesting we think they are to explore and learn about.
Mysteries in Time
101 Barclay Road
E17 9JL
TELEPHONE: 07739170616

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