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My Life Pack... Your Life At Your Fingertips® is an ideal present for anyone moving house. Whether it is for a first home or someone is downsizing and for any house moves in between. My Life Pack helps users manage their home and their finances as well as 8 other aspects of personal life management and will help them get organised for life over many years and changes

My Life Pack® features:
• A4 personal life organiser 192 pages with plenty of space for updates
• Spare pages for notes/personalisation
• Check list function per section for managing changes in your life such as house moves
• Back cover includes a plastic pouch for key certificates/data
• 2 pre-printed envelopes provided for some key data users
• 10 life areas covered to help users with daily life and mielstone events:- personal info; household info; finances; useful contacts; family- children, dependents and ageing relatives/parents; vehicles; pets; digital footprint mangement; wills and life plans
• Hard clear plastic covers to protect contents for long term use

My Life Pack® benefits include:
• Get organised / declutter paperwork
• Ability to share life admin, paperwork and management tasks with other family members or key people
• Save users time
• Save users stress
• Peace of mind as affairs are in order and under control for all ages and stages of life

My Life Pack personal organising manual will be sent by Royal Mail 1st class Recorded Delivery so delivered to UK mainland addresses only. For other locations please contact us to discuss.
99% orders are dispatched out within 2 days following the date of order.
There are one or two occasions during the year when due to holidays or other events orders may take up to 14 days to arrive after the date of order.
All orders are acknowledged by email to say they are being dispatched on the day they are being sent.
UK: £9.95 (estimated delivery 04/03/2018) Europe: Sorry we don't deliver to Europe Rest of the World: Sorry we don't deliver to the Rest of the World
NB: Additional delivery charges may apply.
My Life Pack... Your Life at Your Fingertips® is a practical one stop life management organiser developed from my own experience of juggling work, home, family life and helping my ageing parents live independently. Also from helping my clients manage home and daily life as well with benefits of saving users time, money and stress.
The 10 areas covered in My Life Pack® are:
Personal info, Household info, Useful contacts; Finances - all aspects; Children, Dependents, Ageing Parents info; Cars; Pets; Digital Footprint management; Working/retired life; Will and funeral planning.
My Life Pack has been designed to be useful for life not just for a year. My Life Pack is also on hand to help you manage all the paperwork and admin when life events they occur such as moving home, handling probate and making a will and recording your wishes.  It makes a great tool if you are caring for someone and handling their finances and life admin and paperwork. My Life Pack offers users of all ages peace of mind, helps you get your affairs in order and your life at your fingertips so you have more time to enjoy your life knowing that the daily paperwork and admin are under control.
Amongst other gift ideas My Life Pack is a thoughtful gift such as a wedding present, house moving gift, a present idea for older people or those who are ageing without children or a gift for people who are difficult to buy for or an organisational gift for yourself.
My Life Pack®
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