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Marvellous Mixtures is the ultimate introduction to the wonder and joys of scientific discovery, comlpete with everything you need to start playing with science.

Marvellous Mixtures is more than just a science kit. It is a gift of wonder, curiosity and awe that will spark your child's imagination and delight them with incredible rainbows, gooey concoctions and surprising reactions. It's the perfect gift for any niece, nephew your grandchild with a questioning nature.

Everything you need to perform the experiments is contained within the kit, along with a a full colour 24-page illustrated booklet, and it still fits through most letterboxes. Playing with science has never been so easy!

Marvellous Mixtures is intended for children aged 8+, and requires adult supervision.

If you like Marvelous Mixtures there are 11 more Investigate Boxes in the series to follow. 

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Letterbox Lab is the result of an imaginative reinvention of the children’s science kit to be more convenient, more colourful, more fun and more educational. Our mission is to help people have fun playing with science. We do this by devising and curating awesome science experiments, then flat-packing them and putting them through letterboxes.

Playing with Letterbox Lab, your child will dabble with colour-changing chemistry, paint with light, invent slippery slimes and even launch rockets!

But it’s not enough for our kits to be awesome and fun for kids, we also make them simple and convenient as possible for parents. We don’t want you going to the post office to collect the boxes or going to the shops to buy extra materials, so we fit everything needed to do the experiments into a box that fits through most letterboxes. We also know that children aren’t going to read black and white, text-heavy instruction books, so our instructions are full colour comic-books, supplemented by videos.

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