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Handmade Christmas mistletoe earrings in a choice of two finishes. Everyone knows that mistletoe (especially at Christmas), means kisses! With these fun mistletoe earrings you can be sure never to miss out on that all important Christmas kiss. The origami mistletoe leaves have been carefully folded using either a foiled paper or a green glossy paper.

This original design has two pearl mistletoe berries hanging between a pair of leaves. Fun to wear they are bound to get you compliments as well as kisses and with a drop of just 3 1/2 cm while they are eye-catching they were not dominate your outfit.

As shown in the photographs they are available in two variations. Green metallic foil leaves or glossy green leaves with a border of green glitter.

As well as the meaning that everyone knows, in the traditional language of flowers mistletoe also means to overcome difficulties and a note with the meaning will be enclosed in the gift box.

The mistletoe leaves are well varnished on both the upper and inner surfaces.
As the leaves contain a thin piece of wire they can be repositioned gently according to your wishes.
They come attached on Silver plated hooks or clips, or for an additional £3  sterling silver hooks.

UK: £3.00 (estimated delivery 01/03/2018) Europe: £4.50 (estimated delivery 01/03/2018) Rest of the World: £4.50 (estimated delivery 08/03/2018)
NB: Additional delivery charges may apply.
Gilli's flowers, the home of original, ecelctic and meaningful origami flower jewellery.
So what makes my jewellery original, eclectic and meaningful?

It's original because all the floral designs that you see are my own. I used traditional Japanese origami folds which I sometimes modify along with extras such as the use of branded crystals and sometimes simple wire work to create my designs. Every item is hand folded by myself (genuine origami) before being assembled into the finished pieces.

It's eclectic because although the majority of my pieces are linked by the floral theme, my inspiration ranges from Victorian Gothic through to modern day Boho via Art Deco and vintage styles. 

It's meaningful because I research, the traditional meanings of flowers and every floral piece bought comes with a note explaining its meaning. If you visit my website you will be able to find out more about these meanings and the traditional folklore behind flowers.

Looking for a special piece of jewellery? Want to send a special message? Then simply message me and I can help.

 I  also offer a bespoke bridal range as I can custom make designs in a range of colours as well as alter the size.

I take great care when making my pieces, I use strong glues and always give the finished pieces several coats of varnish so that they should be durable and my pieces are stronger than they look.

Items come in a hand embellished gift box with a note explaining the meaning of the flowers in the piece of jewellery.
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