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The Big Bee & Bug Biome is a multi-chambered, multi-species insect retreat which provides fantastic opportunities for the study of insects

The Big Insect Biome is manufactured from FSC timber and features varied habitats for bees, bugs, spiders, lacewings, ladybirds, butterflies and much more. 

The top section of this insect Biome serves as a multi-insect dormitory and nesting area. This section may be suitable for solitary bees, ladybirds, lacewings, spiders and beetles. Further down the insect hotel there are two interactive pull-out inspection plugs which house perspex tubes, here you can observe and monitor solitary bee egg cells. The pine cones mark the insect refuge holes that provide shelter from predators for further species such as wood wasps and earwigs.

The swirling design of wooden holes provide a variety of hole diameters to suit a wider range of insects and more solitary bee species such as mason and leafcutter bees. The lowest chamber is the litter critter zone which can be filled with damp leaves and soil to provide a cooler zone for millipedes, centipedes and other beetle species.

The Litter Critter Zone can be filled with a thin layer of soil and a mix of damp leaves. Insects you might see will include, woodlice, centipedes millipedes, earwigs and beetles.

The litter critter zone also has as an insect feeding terrace which incoporates easy-clean nectar cups for butterfly feeding. The Big Bee and Insect Biome has glazed side panels to allow inspection and access for topping up natural nesting material.

Full Instructions are included.

Bee & Insect Biome Dimensions:

H 650mm W 270mm L 155mm

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