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Recovery Phase Cycle Face Moisturiser specially designed to help protect your skin against the elements and repair the damage caused to your skin during cycling. It is designed to be used on clean, dry skin before and after cycling.
Cycling can be a challenge against the elements. Wind sapping the moisture from your skin. Prolonged exposure to sweat, salts and toxins, can play havoc with your complexion, causing sore, sensitive skin.

Recovery Phase Cycle Face Cream’s pH balanced, ultra-moisturising, non-greasy formula sinks into skin rapidly to deliver intense hydration.
We’ve packed in powerful levels of antioxidants and vitamins to tackle free radical damage and promote skin cell renewal. Recovery Phase Cycle Face Moisturiser now contains four added Vitamins (C, E, B5, and B3).
Vitamins C&E are the anti-aging vitamins, promoting Collagen and Elastin production. Whilst Vitamin B5 is a powerful anti-oxidant and our new Vitamin B3 helps to support and strengthen the skins barrier function. These four vitamins are what you skin requires to help protect against the elements.

Not tested on animals and contains no animal extracts. Contains no Parabens, SLS, Methylisothiazolinone, Alcohol or Petroleum products. Made in Yorkshire.

·          Protect your skin against the elements
·          Regenerating vitamin Panthenol Pro B5 and strengthening Vitamin B3
·          Help prevent skin damage by mopping up free radicals 
·          Reduce soreness due to salt and acidic sweat
·          Rebalance your skins natural pH
·         Contains vitamins C, E, B5 and B3.

Advantages of the airless pump system:
Airless technology means your products are cleanly and hygienically dispensed.
The pump system helps avoid contamination of the product from your hands.
They are excellent for Gym bags as they do not spill or leak and have a sturdy dust protector lid.
BSc uses 1st Class Royal Mail for all of its parcels. 

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  • We are passionate about using high quality natural ingredients, because it makes a real difference.
  • 100% of our ingredients are natural/naturally derived.
  • None of our products have been tested on animals.
  • We do not use any ingredients derived from animals, all of our products are suitable for vegetarians.
  • We do not use any genetically modified products.
  • The beauty of manufacturing on a small scale is that all of our batches are freshly made. This results in fresher, more active ingredients, such as our Vitamin C and Vitamin E.
  • We will not add any Alcohols, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS), Methylisothiazolinone, Petroleum products or Parabens, to any of our products.
  • We use the minimum amount of preservatives possible, to ensure our products safety. We use a high quality broad-spectrum preservative that we have sourced, as the most natural preservatives available to us.
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