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Babycup First Cups
Mini open cups for babies and young children.
Recommended by dentists and orthodontists for every mealtime from weaning onwards.
Encourages sipping. Best for teeth.
Can also be used for cup-feeding infants from birth.

Babycup First Cups : mini open cups recommended by experts for healthy sipping from weaning onwards. Also suitable for cup-feeding infants in times of feeding challenges such as latch issues, bottle-refusal, cleft or tongue-tie.
Non-toxic, BPA-free, phthalates-free; durable; dishwasher-safe; steriliser-safe.
Perfectly-proportioned for little hands and mouths.
Translucent so children can see inside; 50ml; measurement markings in ml's.
Children enjoy using open cups just like their siblings, parents or carers; great for developing self-feeding skills, independence and fine motor skills.
Thumbs up from dentists and orthodontists for oral health.
Designed to be gorgeous, made to last and Made in Britain.

Babycup First Cups - The little cup that’s kind to baby teeth
Mini open cups, Encourages Sipping, Better for teeth, The right size for little hands & mouths.
Dentist Recommended, No spouts or seals, 50ml, BPA-free, Award-winning, Made in Britain.
Babycup is recommended by dentists as a mealtime essential to help prevent tooth decay and poor jaw development caused by sucking.
Using an open cup encourages your baby or young child to learn to sip rather than suck, which is better for their teeth.
Small size means more control, easier to use, great for fine motor skills.
No lid, no spout, no seals. Proper open cup for good oral health. Easy to clean. Germs can’t hide.
Pack of four cups.
For weaning, general drinking and healthy sipping, 4m+
Also suitable for cup-feeding from birth - great for feeding challenges such as latch problems, tongue tie, bottle refusal, cleft or for supporting the establishing of breastfeeding .
Conforms to safety standard EN 14350.
We aim to despatch your order within 2 days and we will send your Babycups using Royal Mail.
UK: £3.20 Europe: £4.40 Rest of the World: £9.60
NB: Additional delivery charges may apply.
Welcome to 'Babycup', the multi-award winning mini open cup recommended by health experts including dentists, orthodontists and health visitors for babies and young children 0-36m. The healthy sipping sippy cup.

Founded by a mum who wanted to save parents from cupboards full of unnecessary cups and help save little ones from preventable oral health problems, Babycup First Cups are changing the face of highchair drinktime.
This baby-safe cup that encourages sipping and so supports oral health, is the right size for little hands and mouths, is easy to master, easy to clean, loved by parents and children, and endorsed by experts.
No spouts or seals or bucket-like proportions.
BPA-free, mini open cups, seemingly simple but with every millimetre carefully considered, Babycup First Cups look good and do good.
A saving-grace for kitchen cupboards everywhere and a saviour for baby and toddler weaning health.
Cups for real sipping; baby-safe, baby-size and babies love them!
Made in Britain.
What customers say,
“Such a simple little cup but absolutely perfect.”
“The perfect first cup! Babycup encourages hand eye coordination, sipping instead of sucking and is the perfect size for that little fist!”
“The colours are bright and cheerful, they stack and store easily, but most importantly, babies love them. They also make the ideal gift!”
What health experts say,
"Babycup is recommended for every mealtime.”
Dr Grant McAree BSc (Hons) BDS, Dentist
"At last, a cup designed with babies in mind.”
Penny Lazell, Independent Health Visitor
As oral health professionals at GOSH we encourage children to move to an open cup as soon as possible to reduce the risk of dental caries which are often connected to bottles or sippy cups. Babycup offers the perfect colourful tool for parents to start this process with their children”.
Katherine Pearce, Principal Dental Nurse/Manager,
Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children
Babycup promotes learning, independence, co-ordination, social skills, jaw development and dental health - quite a package for something that small."
Gill Rapley, Co-author of Baby-led Weaning: Helping your child to love good food
“Every child needs a Babycup.”
Lynette Anear, Oral Health Promoter, NHS

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